The first part of this project consists of developing the Coworking Myyr York office. You can get a daily pass or join a suitable monthly membership package.

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Coworking office includes a couple of bigger rooms with tables and space for work as well as some quiet rooms for meetings and peaceful working.

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Members have at their disposal a small library, fresh newspapers, a kitchen, a lounge for networking
and a few calm corners for chatting.

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There are also two meeting rooms: a big meeting room with a wireless video projector and a wall-sized
screen, and a smaller room with a wireless led-screen. Naturally, both rooms have also a
flipchart. The cafe space in the vestibule of Coworking office can be used for meetings as well.

In the vestibule there is a small gallery for art and photography exhibitions.
Members can use 4-colour printers for A4/A3 sized paper, a copying machine and a scanner.

Come for a visit

Come for a cup of coffee and a tour around our Coworking space. We will show you around the office and introduce all the services, and afterwards you can stay and work for the rest of the day for free.

Mark the suitable time for you using this form. We will contact you if for some reason meeting at that time is not possible.


In the vestibule of Coworking office there is a small gallery for different art and photography exhibitions. You can use six two-sided folding screens as in the picture above. The screens can be placed so that part of the exhibition will be visible outside the office even when the office is closed. Organisig an exhibition in Coworking Myyr York is free. Inquiries: 020 7300 901 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coworking Myyr York is a suitable place especially for different events and workshops. You will find two meeting rooms with a wireless data projector/led-screen - one for 6-8, another for 10-14 persons. In addition to that, there are places for up to twenty persons in the cafe. You can also inquire after booking the whole office for organising for example a workshop with your colleagues. Prices for booking the meeting spaces for non-members are 10€ - 20€/h/room. Inquiries: 020 7300 901 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The office is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping centre Isomyyri on the right side of the escalator. Members with their own key will be able to use an entrance straight from the outside.

The entrance from the shopping centre leads to a small cafeteria/gallery vestibule. In the office there are, in addition to the working spaces, a separate meeting room, a lounge for networking and room for socialising with others.